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At Cedi.io, we're more than just a digital payments orchestration company – we're the heartbeat of financial empowerment. With a footprint in 32 vibrant African nations and spanning over 40 countries globally, we're driven by a passion for connecting people, businesses, and opportunities seamlessly.


Re.Think Payments

Money and the way it moves has changed

Cedi.io – Innovation Meets Inclusion!

At Cedi.io, we're on a mission to revolutionise digital payments across Africa and beyond. With a presence in 32 African countries and over 40 globally, we're committed to making transactions seamless, secure, and accessible to all.

Through partnerships with leading Payment Service Providers (PSPs), our One service ensures comprehensive coverage across Africa, from urban centers to rural areas.

Zone empowers merchants with cross-border crypto transactions, eliminating barriers in global commerce.

Buzz offers a hassle-free "buy now pay later" solution, making dreams achievable for everyday consumers.

Join us in building a brighter future through inclusive and connected digital payments. Welcome to Cedi.io – Where Every Transaction Tells a Story of Empowerment.


What's your goal today?

We help our clients create change that matters—transformation, enabled by technology and sustained through capabilities.


Multi Channel Digital Payments Orchestration - Collections & Disbursements across 40+ countries

  • Mobile Money
  • Visa & Mastercard
  • Crypto On/Off Ramp

<p>Introducing Cedi.One – Your Gateway to Seamless Digital Payments with Global Reach!</p><p>At Cedi.One, we're not just about transactions; we're about transforming the way you do business. With our expansive global coverage spanning across 32 countries in Africa and beyond, we're here to make your digital payment journey effortless and empowering.</p><p>Imagine having the world at your fingertips with just a single dashboard. With Cedi.One, that's exactly what you get – a powerful, intuitive platform that gives you unparalleled control and insight into your transactions. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple accounts and platforms. With Cedi.One, everything you need is right here, in one place.</p>


Crypto P2P OTC Trading platform built and secured on the reliability and security of the Binance exchange

  • P2P OTC
  • Settlement
  • UAE | NA | EU

<p>Introducing Cedi.Zone – Break Free from Borders, Embrace Global Commerce!</p><p>At Cedi.Zone, we believe in tearing down barriers and opening up new possibilities for your business. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional banking systems and embrace the freedom of cross-border commerce with our revolutionary P2P OTC platform.</p><p>Imagine a world where borders are no longer obstacles – where you can transact seamlessly with partners and customers anywhere in the world. With Cedi.Zone, that world is within reach. Our platform empowers you to conduct large-volume transactions with ease, using cryptocurrencies to unlock new opportunities in global commerce.</p>


Buy now pay later with instant application approval. Credit bureau approval required. Coming Soon

  • e-commerce
  • Hire Purchase
  • Credit Bureau

<p>Introducing Cedi.Buzz – Where Dreams Come True, One Purchase at a Time!</p><p>At Cedi.Buzz, we're not just about transactions; we're about turning dreams into reality. Step into a world where shopping is more than just a transaction – it's an experience filled with excitement, opportunity, and empowerment.</p><p>Imagine being able to buy now and pay later for the things you've always wanted. With Cedi.Buzz, that dream becomes a reality. Our ecommerce hire purchase platform is designed with you in mind, offering a secure and reliable solution for everyday consumers looking to fulfill their desires without financial barriers.</p>

USSD Payments

USSD - enabled payment solutions for Events, Tickets & POS. Structured for non-smart digital payments.

  • Tickets
  • Events
  • POS

<p>More people than ever can access, build, and manage digital products. The most successful companies are taking advantage of that massive audience and capability and so are we. At cedi we have invested years of research and experience into developing digital solutions that solve user challenges directly.</p>

Team cedi.io

Years of experience coupled with exceptional skills, we are the team for the Job with a sense of family.

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